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Meet The OctoFactor Membership Program

We equip you with everything you need to start your own digital agency and sell Websites, SaaS, Powerful Apps & AI Employees to small businesses.

Start Your Own Digital Agency Offering:

Website Development & Hosting

Our team develops websites for your clients at a wholesale price. 

AI Powered Sales & Marketing CRMs

This SaaS product gives you the ability to generate recurring revenue and offer businesses a better way to automate their businesses. 

iOS & Android Apps - 100xApps

Offer your business clients fully functional apps with powerful features to help their business grow and lock in long-term monthly profits.

AI Employee Bots

Chatbots designed to nurture leads, provide support, and streamline business communication 24/7. 

& Much More!

The simplified OctoFactor process for resellers

OctoFactor is like a franchise, but 100% white-labeled under your brand and easy to start with low startup fees

At only $20,000 startup cost and fast deployment, you can be making money within 30-90 days.

What is Included in the Program:

Once your membership is active, you will get…

Lifetime Access:

    1. 100xApps wholesale pricing – iOS, Android & PWA.
    2. Wholesale pricing for websites, AI bots, CRMs and other cutting-edge digital agency services.
    3. Waiver for free setup on your first 4 apps ($2,000 value)
    4. Fully white-labeled sales apps to support your business*
    5. Fully white-labeled WordPress or Webflow website*
    6. Access to a support portal for your business
    7. Sales support & coaching to help you land deals.*
      *Free hosting for 1-year

    Startup Digital Agency Training

    1. B2B Sales Training
    2. Lead Prospecting & Lead Generation Training
    3. OctoFactor AI Training
    4. 100xApps – iOS & Android App Consulting Training
    5. WordPress Website Management Training
    6. CRM Training & Support
  • Premium Sales & Marketing Resources
    1. White-labeled Brochures & Business Cards
    2. 1-year subscription to the OctoFactor CRM
    3. Early access to future AI advancements & discounts

No technical skills required! The OctoFactor products can sell themselves (literally, using AI)

AI-Powered Apps

Fully featured iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps.
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OctoFactor CRM

Pipeline & automation software that helps nurture leads and drive sales.
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AI Employee Bots

Proactive AI achieves specific goals to help you close deals.
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Website Development

Our team develops websites for your clients at a wholesale price and 100% white-labeled under your brand 

Hosting & Security

Fast website, video, podcast, knowledge base, and file hosting with security hardening built in

Website Plugins

We offer a range of WordPress plugins to enhance the features of your client’s websites

AI Website Audits

Using AI we can perform Conversion and SEO audits for specific personas

AI Videos

AI created and edited avatar videos for sales, marketing, and training 

OctoFactor Bot

A chatbot designed to provide employee & customer support


The pricing sheet below showcases the individual prices and the packaged price for the average tier. Pricing is in many cases based on value and industry. Therefore the pricing charged can be a range from Low to High and the features added change based on the customer. Our pricing model focuses on saving companies money and is low costs. 

Start Your AI Business Today!